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Cape Coral Sail And Power Squadron (CCSAPS), Lee County, Cape Coral, Florida, is a unit of the ®United States Power Squadrons, Inc. (USPS), the world's largest non-profit educational boating safety organization. We are one of USPS District 22's 18 squadrons located on the Gulf Coast of Florida.

Our Primary Objective is the promotion of boating safety through education. All work and no play tend to make Jack and Jill a dull pair so we also hold many on and off the water member recreational activities and social events.

Membership Meetings are held the second Thursday of each month at 1930 (7:30 PM) at Squadron Harbor, 917 SE 47th Terrace, Cape Coral, FL 33904. Everyone is encouraged to attend to find out what is going on and to socialize.

Executive Committee is where much of the Squadron business is handled. Its meeting times vary so check The Buoys for time and date. All members are welcome to attend the Executive Committee meeting to observe or provide input.

Dress Code is casual except for the Squadron Change of Watch in February, some National, and some District functions.

The Buoys, our Squadron newsletter, is published ten times a year and made available on our web page or mailed to your home. Please read it carefully as it is our primary means of communication to members.

Our Web Page: "" contains much information about the Squadron and its activities. We suggest adding the site to your internet favorites and visit it at regular intervals.

Squadron Harbor is open Monday through Saturday 0900 to 1200. Stop by to register for classes and catch up on Squadron activities.

Education: You (or someone acting for you) must visit Squadron Harbor and pay a $25 deposit to sign up for a course. Courses are announced in the Buoys. We encourage all of our members to take a course and increase their boating knowledge. Call the Squadron Education Officer (SEO) if you have a question or want a particular course offered.

Cruise and Rendezvous (C & R) are announced in The Buoys. You do not need a boat to participate in many of these activities. Many C & R activities require advance registration and payment. Information is found in The Buoys.

Squadron Harbor Entertainment. In addition to C & R activities, the Squadron entertainment committee sponsors various functions, including dinners and socials. These activities are announced in The Buoys and usually require advanced registration and payment.

Cooperative Charting is a valuable public service our members perform to make the waterways safer by reporting chart discrepancies and sending corrections to NOAA. Attend a Co-op Charting Committee meeting to learn more and take advantage of an opportunity to contribute.

Vessel Safety Check (VSC) is a courtesy examination of your boat to verify the presence and condition of safety equipment required by State and Federal regulations. There is no charge or penalty involved. Sign up for an examination at Squadron Harbor during business hours or emailing our VSC chairman via the link on the VSC page of this web site.

Child Life Jacket loaner program sponsored by BOAT/US allows you to borrow life jackets for visiting children. Stop by at Squadron Harbor to take advantage of this program.

Committee meetings are announced in The Buoys and usually are at regularly scheduled times. You are welcome to attend any committee meeting to see what is being planned an learn about activities and events.

Ships Store is located to the left in the entry hall of Squadron Harbor before Squadron meetings and some activities. Items of interest offered to our members include burgees, caps, belts, etc.

Nametags may be odered from the Ships Store and picked up at the Squadron Harbor Office.

Questions?? Ask your mentor, call Squadron Harbor between 0900 and noon (239) 549-9754, or call any Bridge Officer. Their names and phone numbers are in The Buoys and on the Bridge page of this web site.


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Cape Coral Sail & Power Squadron On Vessel Safety InspectionCape Coral Sail & Power Squadron On Vessel Safety Inspection

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